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weekend April 2nd & 3rd

09 Apr 2016

The Colorado Middle School finals, 3rd place and 5th place matches were held at the National Western Complex in Denver. Three mats were laid out in the center of the arena with the championship match on a raised platform mat in the center.  The top six placers are listed below from the 21 weight classes that were wrestled. Full results and brackets are on trackwrestling.com

State - 70
1st Place - Cole Miller of POWA
2nd Place - Brady Parker of Windsor
3rd Place - Brandon Boehm of Betterman Elite
4th Place - Noah Linares of Pomona Elite
5th Place - Avelino Mota of POWA
6th Place - Michael Black of Bill Reed
 State - 75
1st Place - Kenny Sailas of Brighton
2nd Place - Dylan Tressler of Pagosa Springs
3rd Place - Kenneth Crosby of Betterman Elite
4th Place - Mathew Garcia of POWA
5th Place - Davian Sandoval of Western Slope Elite
6th Place - Dalton Williams of Grit Athletics
 State - 80
1st Place - Daniel Cardenas of Pomona Elite
2nd Place - Dylan Kruse of Bear Cave
3rd Place - Jacob Judd of Bear Cave
4th Place - Davion Chavez of Ortega
5th Place - Luke Pleasant of Colorado West Elite
6th Place - Elijah Olguin of Pomona Elite
 State - 85
1st Place - Brett Wade of Colorado West Elite
2nd Place - Kolten Strait of Bear Cave
3rd Place - Travis Welch of Sagewood
4th Place - Kodiak Cannedy of Salida
5th Place - Daniel Soto of Jefferson
6th Place - Alberto Felthager of Betterman Elite
 State - 90
1st Place - Michael Atencio of POWA
2nd Place - Dillon Dick of SOT Academy
3rd Place - Jaron Mahler of Mile High
4th Place - Jacob Parker of Windsor
5th Place - Chris McKenna of La Veta
6th Place - Dominic Salazar of Pomona Elite
 State - 95
1st Place - Vance Vombaur of Severance
2nd Place - Wyatt Yapoujian of Mile High
3rd Place - Traevin Osborn of SOT Academy
4th Place - Vincent Fortin-Munoz of Brighton
5th Place - Dean Noble of Wellington
6th Place - Louis Torres of Bear Cave
State - 100
1st Place - Owen Berry of Colorado West Elite
2nd Place - Johnny Masopust of Betterman Elite
3rd Place - Colton Orcutt of Platte Valley
4th Place - Cade Rockwell of Wray Eagles
5th Place - Zane Rankin of Lamar
6th Place - Tanner Baumgartner of Keenesburg
 State - 105
1st Place - Isaiah Gamez of La Junta
2nd Place - Aaden Valdez of La Gente
3rd Place - Jacob Duran of Bear Cave
4th Place - Christian Deherrera of Bear Cave
5th Place - Airiel Siegel of Walt Clark
6th Place - Alejandro Santillan of Grandview
 State - 110
1st Place - Jimmy Ramirez of Jefferson
2nd Place - Roman Cruz of Pomona Elite
3rd Place - Cameron Lucero of Pagosa Springs
4th Place - Noah Barrett of La Junta
5th Place - Lucas Comroe of Colorado West Elite
6th Place - Talen Valerio of Western Slope Elite
 State - 115
1st Place - Nicholas Wilson of Pueblo West
2nd Place - Sean Dale of Dellta County
3rd Place - Nicholas Gallegos of Jefferson
4th Place - Trey Hardy of Grit Athletics
5th Place - Luis Chafino of Holyoke
6th Place - Brendan Jones of Fort Morgan
State - 120
1st Place - Dominick Serrano of Windsor
2nd Place - Darren Green of Bear Cave
3rd Place - Aj Vanmatre of Misfits
4th Place - Colton Liddell of Ortega
5th Place - Brock Leypoldt of Grit Athletics
6th Place - Keenan Hayes of Hayden
 State - 125
1st Place - Cody Eaton of Windsor
2nd Place - Beau Parker of Sedgwick County
3rd Place - Grey Neal of Dellta County
4th Place - Gabriel Herrera of Pomona Elite
5th Place - Tevin Pelloni of Colorado West Elite
6th Place - Jose Serrano of Lamar
 State - 130
1st Place - Miles Beam of Milliken
2nd Place - Nico Gagliardi of Cheyenne Mountain
3rd Place - Silas Valdez of Sproul Spartans
4th Place - Cody Sauve of Western Slope Elite
5th Place - Erideberto Ramirez of Greeley
6th Place - Hunter Ludgate of Brush
 State - 135
1st Place - Franklin Cruz of Pomona Elite
2nd Place - Tristan Perez of Bear Cave
3rd Place - Victor Rangel of Coal Ridge
4th Place - Kase Givens of Fort Morgan
5th Place - Rodrigo Perez of Greeley
6th Place - Benjamin Kendall of Chaparral
 State - 140
1st Place - Chase Engelhardt of Walt Clark
2nd Place - Preston Morton of Cheyenne Mountain
3rd Place - Thomas Huston of Ellicott
4th Place - Nick Wellen of Brush
5th Place - Dillon Derting of Pueblo West
6th Place - Mac Copeland of Bennett
State - 145
1st Place - Jasiah Henry of Brush
3rd Place - Nickolas Derdoski of Pueblo West
3rd Place - Benny Austin Gonzalez of La Junta
4th Place - Adam Glasby of Durango
5th Place - Casey Kraft of Wellington
6th Place - Garret Frtizler of Fort Morgan
 State - 152
1st Place - Isaiah Salazar of Team Salazar
2nd Place - Josh Willis of Windsor
3rd Place - Cole Simmons of Colorado West Elite
4th Place - Ben Rush of Lincoln Lancers
5th Place - Levi Trujillo of Monte Vista
6th Place - Diego Duarte of POWA
 State - 160
1st Place - Ben Robuck of Colorado West Elite
2nd Place - Alec Hargreaves of Lesher
3rd Place - Joseph Renner of Grandview
4th Place - Riley Stricherz of Severance
5th Place - Tyler Grasmick of Windsor
6th Place - Hugo Castillo of Greeley
 State - 171
1st Place - Elijah Olson of Mile High
2nd Place - Brian Paxton of Keenesburg
3rd Place - Michael Serna of Bear Cave
4th Place - Nehamia Santa Cruz of Gladiators
5th Place - Jesse Camp of Salida
6th Place - James Sturtevant of Pueblo County
 State - 198
1st Place - Jared Volcic of Sproul Spartans
3rd Place - Deonte Bridges of Cheyenne Mountain
3rd Place - Levi Peterson of Dellta County
4th Place - Collin Brungardt of Windsor
5th Place - Sy Spitz of Lamar
6th Place - Austin Trujillo of Ortega
 State - 285
1st Place - Andy Garcia of Crowely County
3rd Place - Emanuel Munoz of University
3rd Place - Josh Emerson of Severance
4th Place - Damion Flores of Lincoln Lancers
5th Place - Kolby Stegman of Lamar
6th Place - Victor Sosa of POWA

Two youth events were also held over the weekend the Bad Dog Youth wrestling tournament at Moffat County high school with over 375 wrestlers from 18 teams  wrestled in the seven divisions ( 4 - 14 age groups).  The second event was the Limon Badger Youth Tournament at Limon High School with 300 wrestles representing 30 teams. Both results can be found at trackwrestlinmg.com

Colorado Freestyle and Greco season started this weekend with the Pummeler Open held at Westminster High School with five divisions doing battle. There were 100 wrestlers in the freestyle and 70 wrestlers in Greco style of wrestling. It was a good start with the other events going on in the state, plus the number of out of state tournaments that Colorado wrestlers attended. 

The Cliff Keene USA Wrestling Folkstyle tournament was held in Cedar Falls, Iowa at the Dome on the University of Northern Iowa. The tournament had six divisions - Junior, Cadet, School boy, bantam, intermediate and novice, with a total of 1815 wrestlers. This tournament is the first leg of the triple crown for USA Wrestling divisions which consist of folkstyle, Greco and Freestyle.  The Colorado placer were Cadet - 106 - 4th Place - Adrian Marquez of SOT Academy; Cadet - 113 -  3rd Place - DREW ELLER of SOT Academy; Cadet - 132 -  8th Place - Parker Benekas of SOT Academy; Junior - 100 - 1st Place - MOSHA SCHWARTZ of SOT Academy; Junior - 132 - 1st Place - Christopher Sandoval of Windsor; 4th Place - Gabriel Townsell of Mile High Wrestling Club; Intermediate - 65
 2nd Place - Thomas J. Verrette of SOT Academy; Intermediate - 70 -  5th Place - Garrett Reece of SOT Academy; Schoolboy/girl - 77
 7th Place - Max Black of SOT Academy; Schoolboy/girl - 112 - 2nd Place - Antonio Segura of SOT Academy;

The Midwest Classic National were held Saturday April 2 and Sunday April 3 at the Buffalo County Expo Center in Kearney, Nebraska. Over 1400 wrestlers from 260 were represented in this 2 day event in the seven divisions. Colorado placer were -8 & Under - 55
1st Place - Gavin Weichelt of SOT Academy; 8 & Under - 67 -  2nd Place - Bryce Rairick of SOT Academy ; 8 & Under - 70 - 3rd Place - Dominic Cordray of SOT Academy; 12 & Under - 100 -  6th Place - Justin McLaughlin of Thompson Valley HS / GRIT; 12 & Under - 125
 7th Place - Cole Rairick of SOT Academy; 12 & Under - 162 & Up - 6th Place - Morgen Watt of Broomfield Eagles Wrestling CO; 15 & Under - 95 -  3rd Place - Grant Bradley of SCORE Wrestling Club; 15 & Under - 108 - 1st Place - Brendon Garcia of Steel City Elite,  4th Place - Isaiah Bradley of SCORE Wrestling Club; 15 & Under - 115 -  4th Place - Andrew Sansburn of SCORE Wrestling Club; 15 & Under - 120
 3rd Place - Josh Nira of Bear cave; 15 & Under - 145 -  5th Place - Jaziah Whaley Jr of Colorado Elite, 7th Place - Dimitris Flores of SCORE Wrestling Club; 15 & Under - 157 -  4th Place - Preston Renner of Broomfield,  6th Place - Josh Betts of Bear cave; 15 & Under - 175
 5th Place - Jaret Strasheim of SCORE Wrestling Club; 15 & Under - 200-  5th Place - Perrion Gray of SCORE Wrestling Club; 18 & Under - 106
 2nd Place - Brendon Garcia of Steel City Elite; 18 & Under - 113 -  5th Place - Brendon Garcia of Steel City Elite; 18 & Under - 120
 5th Place - Josh Nira of Bear cave; 18 & Under - 132 -  4th Place - Zachary Kennison of thompson valley, 5th Place - David Opheim of SCORE Wrestling Club; 18 & Under - 138 -  3rd Place - Braden Perkins of Mile High Wrestling; 18 & Under - 145 - 1st Place - Aaron Trujillo of MATPAC; 18 & Under - 152 -  3rd Place - Nathan Baca of Brighton High School,  5th Place - Carlos Maez of SCORE Wrestling Club, 
8th Place - Josh Betts of Bear cave; 18 & Under - 182 - 4th Place - Matthew Dunkelman of thompson valley;

The NHSCA Nationals were held April 1st - 4th in Virginia Beach, with wrestlers in each high school grades doing battle for the title of champ and the All-American status for the top eight places.  There were a number of Colorado wrestler at the tournament , place winner  were  Junior Sammy Deseriere - Mullen 8th at 285; Freshman Andrew Lucero - Pueblo East 7th @106; Sophomore Josh Flanagan-valley 6th @160; Senior Fabian Gutierrez- Adams city 3rd @113; Senior Matt Finesilver - Cherry Creek 3rd @ 152. And national runners up: Freshman Drake Engelking - Longmont 160; Senior Parker Simington - Thompson valley 152; Senior Dalton Robertson- Weld central 170

Non placer were, Freshman - Kevin Hooks, Dillion Jaramillo, Janes Ruona, Koby Galicia; Sophomore - Mike McFadden, Jaylen Torrez, Steve Mattorano, Jimmy Laconte, Diego Retes, Greg Garcia; Junior -  Modesto Martinez, Jacob Rodriguez, Stephen Dabelko, Louie Romero Jr, Kyle Cisneros, Polo Garcia, Jonathan Andretta, Quinton Montague, Jody Sandoval , Matthew Bailey, Thomas Stager, Hayden Harris, Zac Baker, Carlos Magdaleno, Kolsen Welham, Oliver Neumann, Ezequiel Silva, Zach Garrard, Jason Murphy; Senior - V lad Kazakov, Rudy Sanchez, Josh Finesilver, David Kavanagh, Macoy Flanagan, Michael Thelen, Seth Boguslki, Nolan Funk and Alex Mai.