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Pueblo County team breaks records and takes team title after day 2

18 Feb 2017

By Tom Blair - ICW staff

After day 2 at the Colorado State Wrestling Championship the 4A team race is over with as Pueblo Count has a 100-point lead over second place Cheyenne Mtn., plus having 8 wrestlers in the finals. The Pueblo County team are led by brothers 132 lbs Grant and 152 lbs Hunter Willits (Grant going for his 3rd title and Hunter going for his 4th and becoming the 20th 4X champ).  The other finalist for Pueblo County are 106 Brendon Garcia (Pueblo County) 21-2; 113 Josiah Nava (Pueblo County) 26-7; 120 Nathan Bonham (Pueblo County) 33-6; 138 Justin Davis (Pueblo County) 27-6; 182 Dante Garcia (Pueblo County) 11-1 and 195 Donavon Rincon (Pueblo County) 29-8.

The hits keep coming as there are three wrestlers still undefeated heading into the finals – team mates 120 Dominick Serrano (Windsor) 49-0 and 138 Chris Sandoval (Windsor) 44-0 plus Myles Wilson (Glenwood Springs) 50-0 (who could tie the single season record of 51 wins by taking down the final match and the title). There are still eight wrestlers going for a second title - Brendon Garcia (Pueblo County), Josiah Nava (Pueblo County), Andrew Alirez (Greeley Central), Peter Isais (Pine Creek), at 138 lbs ex-team mates Chris Sandoval (Windsor) and Justin Davis (Pueblo County) are 1X champs going for a second in which only one can win. The last two wrestlers going for their second title are at 182 lbs Myles Wilson (Glenwood Springs) and Dante Garcia (Pueblo County).

Senior Tommy Stager, Niwot is going for his first championship state title at 145 lbs but also is setting records for the most career wins with 174 going into the finals. Stager broke the state record last week at regionals and is setting the bar higher for the next wrestler to meet / beat. This will be a 4A classification record as Kyle Cisneros, Jefferson also has broken the state record last weekend at his 3A regional and will set the state and 3A records at 177 with a win in the finals.

Semifinals results:
Semifinal - Brendon Garcia (Pueblo County) 21-2 won by major decision over Jacob Gonzales (Pueblo Centennial) 34-13 (MD 14-3)
Semifinal - Patrick Allis (Discovery Canyon) 33-6 won by tech fall over Zeon Ortega (Canon City) 34-10 (TF-1.5 4:56 (19-4))
Semifinal - Josiah Nava (Pueblo County) 26-7 won by decision over Shane Coffey (Canon City) 25-13 (Dec 4-0)
Semifinal - Josh Nira (Greeley Central) 43-5 won by decision over Jace Trujillo (Pueblo East) 38-1 (Dec 10-4)
Semifinal - Dominick Serrano (Windsor) 49-0 won by decision over Andrew Lucero (Pueblo East) 37-5 (Dec 16-9)
Semifinal - Nathan Bonham (Pueblo County) 33-6 won by decision over James Ruona (Canon City) 37-9 (Dec 6-5)
Semifinal - Riley Prough (Glenwood Springs) 48-4 won by decision over Jason Hanenberg (Air Academy) 42-3 (Dec 8-4)
Semifinal - Andrew Alirez (Greeley Central) 48-1 won by tech fall over Jaxon Garoutte (Pueblo County) 37-8 (TF-1.5 5:53 (20-4))
Semifinal - Grant Willits (Pueblo County) 43-3 won by decision over Aaden Valdez (Pueblo East) 39-7 (Dec 10-6)
Semifinal - Mike McFadden (Cheyenne Mountain) 31-6 won in sudden victory - 1 over Andrew Bench (Central G.J.) 39-12 (SV-1 4-2)
Semifinal - Chris Sandoval (Windsor) 44-0 won by major decision over Ernie Quintana (Erie) 42-12 (MD 10-2)
Semifinal - Justin Davis (Pueblo County) 27-6 won by decision over Riley Garner-Orr (Central G.J.) 42-6 (Dec 1-0)
Semifinal - Tommy Stager (Niwot) 44-2 won by fall over Jasper Biddy (Discovery Canyon) 30-11 (Fall 3:38)
Semifinal - Elijah Valdez (Mesa Ridge) 45-2 won in tie breaker - 1 over Erik Contreras (Mountain View) 38-5 (TB-1 4-1)
Semifinal - Hunter Willits (Pueblo County) 44-2 won by decision over Luke White (Cheyenne Mountain) 24-7 (Dec 10-3)
Semifinal - Nathan Morris (Longmont) 40-5 won by decision over Caleb Mendez (Mead) 38-6 (Dec 4-3)
Semifinal - Peter Isais (Pine Creek) 31-3 won by decision over Hunter Harrison (Valor Christian) 39-6 (Dec 4-1)
Semifinal - Zac Baker (Cheyenne Mountain) 41-5 won by decision over Drake Engelking (Longmont) 22-2 (Dec 1-0)
Semifinal - Erminio Barrera (Central G.J.) 44-4 won by fall over Garrett Niel (Pine Creek) 44-3 (Fall 3:10)
Semifinal - Elias Manzanares (Pueblo South) 32-11 won by major decision over Zion Freeman (Pueblo East) 33-11 (MD 12-4)
Semifinal - Myles Wilson (Glenwood Springs) 50-0 won by fall over Dylan Mcbride (Ft. Morgan) 36-4 (Fall 2:26)
Semifinal - Dante Garcia (Pueblo County) 11-1 won in tie breaker - 1 over Zach Garrard (Cheyenne Mountain) 31-5 (TB-1 2-1)
Semifinal - Donavon Rincon (Pueblo County) 29-8 won by decision over Deric Cruz (Mesa Ridge) 35-10 (Dec 5-2)
Semifinal - Hunter Mooring (Pueblo West) 30-9 won by decision over Oliver Neumann (Cheyenne Mountain) 40-6 (Dec 5-2)
Semifinal - Weston Hunt (Pueblo West) 37-4 won by fall over Mike Teesdale (Loveland) 14-9 (Fall 1:31)
Semifinal - Dominick Fini (Mesa Ridge) 37-4 won by fall over Deonte Bridges (Cheyenne Mountain) 27-5 (Fall 1:41)
Semifinal - Alefosio Saipaia (Sand Creek) 17-2 won by decision over Nate Hackney (Erie) 24-18 (Dec 3-1)
Semifinal - Andy Garcia (Pueblo East) 36-8 won by fall over Jacob Williams (Silver Creek) 20-4 (Fall 1:43)









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