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2A Semifinal matchups

17 Feb 2017

Round one and two in the 2A classification have been complete and it time to look at what as happen. The number one and two seed in weight classes 106 thru 145 lbs have all moved into the semifinals. At 152 lbs the #2 seed Wyatt Lee, Peyton lost in the quarters against Hayden Harris by 8 – 4 dec; In 160 lbs #1 seed Carlos Magadelero, Rocky Ford lost to Lorenzo Pena, Igna by 5 – 1 dec; 170 lbs the #1 seed Diego Reyes, Rocky ford lost to Casey Turner, Meeker by pin; 195 lbs the #2 seed Juancito Lucero, Highland lost to Ken Cox, McClave in SV / OT 5 -3 ; 285 lbs #1 seed Chase Flynn lost to Tyler Ilger, Meeker by pin.  Going into the semifinals Meeker has seven wrestlers (126, 138, 152, 170, 182, 220, 285) versus five for Rocky Ford (106, 113, 132,138, 285). The four returning champs and the two undefeated wrestlers in 2A are still in the championship side of the bracket. The Dark Horse team of Highland have three wrestlers in the semifinals ( 106, 113, 132) and are sitting in 7th place in the team chase. Semifinals matchups for tonight:

106-2A Semifinal (Bout 281) - Jacob Rodriguez (Rocky Ford) vs. Landen Mayberry (Hotchkiss)


106-2A Semifinal (Bout 282) - Chris McKenna (John Mall) vs. Logan Lewis (Highland)

113-2A Semifinal (Bout 283) - Sergio Campos (Hotchkiss) vs. Dante Chirichigno (Highland)


113-2A Semifinal (Bout 284) - Kolton Dickinson (Sedgwick County-Fleming) vs. Dillon Jaramillo (ROFO)


120-2A Semifinal (Bout 285) - Richard Martinez (Mancos) vs. Brendyn Nordyke (Holly)


120-2A Semifinal (Bout 286) - Brandon Ward (Dolores) vs. Wesley Vanmatre (John Mall)


126-2A Semifinal (Bout 287) - Jonathan Andreatta (John Mall) vs. Tannen Kennedy (Meeker)


126-2A Semifinal (Bout 288) - Brett Benavides (Del Norte) vs. Cody Jacobsen (Burlington)


132-2A Semifinal (Bout 289) - Marshal Ross (John Mall) vs. Skyler Score (Highland)


132-2A Semifinal (Bout 290) - Colton Hall (Hotchkiss) vs. Cody Venem (Rocky Ford)


138-2A Semifinal (Bout 291) - Sheridan Harvey (Meeker) vs. Carlos Romo (Rocky Ford)


138-2A Semifinal (Bout 292) - Sackett Chesnik (Paonia) vs. Braden Kappel (Limon)


145-2A Semifinal (Bout 293) - Britton Holmes (Peyton) vs. James Steerman (McClave)


145-2A Semifinal (Bout 294) - Remington Canfield (Merino) vs. Ethan Appenzeller (Ignacio)


152-2A Semifinal (Bout 295) - Jace Logan (Soroco) vs. Jered Hulteen (Cedaredge)


152-2A Semifinal (Bout 296) - Hunter Garcia (Meeker) vs. Hayden Harris (Norwood/Nucla)


160-2A Semifinal (Bout 297) - Lorenzo Pena (Ignacio) vs. Aidan Dabal (Norwood/Nucla)


160-2A Semifinal (Bout 298) - Carlos Tarin (Wray) vs. Wade Katzdorn (Hotchkiss)


170-2A Semifinal (Bout 299) - Casey Turner (Meeker) vs. Jon Ramey (Merino)


170-2A Semifinal (Bout 300) - Evan States (Byers) vs. Trenton Armintrout (Norwood/Nucla)


182-2A Semifinal (Bout 301) - Chase Rule (Meeker) vs. Austin Newbury (Yuma)


182-2A Semifinal (Bout 302) - Keegan Bean (Lyons) vs. Salomon Chavez (Center)


195-2A Semifinal (Bout 303) - Jason Murphy (John Mall) vs. Sky Carlson (Soroco)


195-2A Semifinal (Bout 304) - Christian Carson (Hayden) vs. Ken Cox (McClave)


220-2A Semifinal (Bout 305) - Kaleb Gaede (Limon) vs. Caleb Bradford (Meeker)


220-2A Semifinal (Bout 306) - Ty Sigler (Fowler) vs. Ethan Barnes (Norwood/Nucla)


285-2A Semifinal (Bout 307) - Tyler Ilgen (Meeker) vs. Jd Chamblin (Manzanola)

285-2A Semifinal (Bout 308) - Trevor Smith (Paonia) vs. Greg Garcia (Rocky Ford)