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3A Semifinal matchup

17 Feb 2017

The 2 round of the championship side of the brackets and the 1st consi round have concluded for 3A classification.Looking at the action that has taken place, six of the seven returning champions have made it to the semifinals. Sam Desriere, Mullen was an upset at 285 lbs when he lost in the UTB 3 – 2 to Logan Church, Delta in the quarters. The other undefeated wrestler in 3A – Sam Westbrook, Bayfield has made it to the semifinal later tonight. In the other major upset for the tournament in 3A 106 lbs #2 seed Owen Berry, Buena Vista lost to Johnny Masopost, Florence by dec 6 – 1. The weight 113 thru 138 have the number 1 & 2 seed all making the semifinals along with 160 & 170 lb and 195 & 220 lbs ; .#2 seed Ty Addington, Florence lost to Joshua Ramos, Monc in the 1st round of the championship at 145 lbs; 152 lbs Isaiah Salazar, Eaton bet the # 2 seed Brandon Onofre, Jefferson by fall in the second period; 182 lbs #2 seed Dean Vangsnes, Summit lost to Casey Hand, Trinidad by dec 11 – 1.  Alamosa has a slim lead over Valley in the team race.  The semifinal matches for tonight:

 106-3A Semifinal (Bout 281) - Jacob Duran (Fort Lupton) vs. Luke Morrissey (Eagle Valley)


106-3A Semifinal (Bout 282) - Elijah Delacerda (Alamosa) vs. Johnny Masopost (Florence)

113-3A Semifinal (Bout 283) - Isaiah Delacerda (Alamosa) vs. Isaiah Gamez (La Junta)

113-3A Semifinal (Bout 284) - A.j. Serna (Grand Valley) vs. Caleb Cox (Brush)

120-3A Semifinal (Bout 285) - Joe Chavez (Centauri) vs. Ethan Andrade (Lamar)

120-3A Semifinal (Bout 286) - Jimmy Ramirez iii (Jefferson) vs. Presiliano Maez (Sheridan)

126-3A Semifinal (Bout 287) - Jody Sandoval ii (Fort Lupton) vs. Cameron Wolters (Buena Vista)

126-3A Semifinal (Bout 288) - Moises Juarez (Monte Vista) vs. Andrew Godfrey (Olathe)

132-3A Semifinal (Bout 289) - Kyle Cisneros (Jefferson) vs. Dylan Yancey (Platte Valley)

132-3A Semifinal (Bout 290) - Anthony Quintana (Buena Vista) vs. Brandon Damian (Valley)

138-3A Semifinal (Bout 291) - Quinton Montague (Centauri) vs. Devon Atencio (Alamosa)

138-3A Semifinal (Bout 292) - Nick Gallegos (Jefferson) vs. Noah Hermosillo (Eagle Valley)

145-3A Semifinal (Bout 293) - Aaron Trujillo (Valley) vs. Lance Bryant (Steamboat Springs)

145-3A Semifinal (Bout 294) - Brandon Buhr (Centauri) vs. Joshua Ramos (Montezuma-Cortez)

152-3A Semifinal (Bout 295) - Jimmy Laconte (Weld Central) vs. Wyatt Pfau (Brush)

152-3A Semifinal (Bout 296) - Jaziah Whaley (Valley) vs. Isaiah Salazar (Eaton)

160-3A Semifinal (Bout 297) - Kolsen Welham (Holy Family) vs. Ian Vigil (Mullen)

160-3A Semifinal (Bout 298) - Dax Bender (La Junta) vs. Hayden Johnson (Steamboat Springs)

 170-3A Semifinal (Bout 299) - Josh Flanagan (Valley) vs. Alex Cordova (Rifle)

170-3A Semifinal (Bout 300) - Mikinzie Klimper (Moffat County) vs. Faustin Lopez (Sheridan)

182-3A Semifinal (Bout 301) - William Tyler (La Junta) vs. Colton Eberhardt (Lamar)

182-3A Semifinal (Bout 302) - Nathan Johns ( Classical Academy, The) vs. Casey Hand (Trinidad)

195-3A Semifinal (Bout 303) - Fabian Estrada (Alameda) vs. Atticus Fredrickson (Manitou Springs)

195-3A Semifinal (Bout 304) - Deven Mosman (Ridge View) vs. Bart Gruenloh (Lamar)

220-3A Semifinal (Bout 305) - Oscar Lopez (Jefferson) vs. Manuelito Casias (Alamosa)

220-3A Semifinal (Bout 306) - Joseph Cockroft (Platte Valley) vs. Evan Hoff (Grand Valley)

285-3A Semifinal (Bout 307) - Logan Church (Delta) vs. Emanuel Munoz alcala (University)

285-3A Semifinal (Bout 308) - Ricky Ayala (Sheridan) vs. Sam Westbrook (Bayfield)