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UNC Tr Meet vs CSU Bakersfield and Duke

16 Jan 2018

Duke’s Finesilver homecoming of sorts at Northern Colorado

By Tom Blair, ICW staff

The four Cherry Creek wrestlers – Josh, Mitch, Matt and Zach Finesilver came home to their Colorado roots Sunday Jan. 14th as they dualed CSU Bakersfield and Northern Colorado. There was no parade, no banners – what there was were around 800 spectators on hand to watch the brothers set an NCAA D1 Wrestling and possible a NCAA All Sports record with having all four brothers in the starting lineup at the same time. The two set of twins – freshman Josh and Matt, redshirt juniors Zach and Mitch would be over 1/3 of the team’s 10-member lineup for both duals.

While there were many offers from other D1 colleges for the boys to look at and see which would be a perfect fit. The four brothers all found their way to Duke for the college education and also found the wrestling program to their liking and made the decision to wrestle for Head Coach Glen Lanham. The brothers support each other both on and off the mat as Zach and Mitch have been on the campus of Duke a couple of years ahead of Josh and Matt. During the duals it can be hard to give a lot of support as they follow each other in the weight classes and have to get ready for the competition on the mat.  The Finesilver lineup is Josh at 133 lbs (the lightless), Mitch (ranked 11th in the nation) at 157 lbs, Zach at 165 lbs and Matt at 174 lbs.  They do feed off each other’s matches but realize that they all have to fight their own battles in the 42’ circle.

The crowd on hand to watch the tri meet had a large section in the stands supporting the Finesilver brothers and could be heard loud and clear when one of the brothers were on the mat. Their three older siblings and parents (Steve and Brendan) were all on hand to watch them wrestle this historic event.

The tri meet would start out with Duke versus CSU Bakersfield and would start at the 149 lb weight class. Duke’s Brandon Leynaud would take little time to pin Kalani Tonge, CSU at the 2:53 mark of the first period. The next three matches would feature the Finesilver’s with wins for Duke, Mitch at 157 with a 11 -5 decision, Zach at 165 with a pin in 4:52 and Matt at 174 with an 8 – 2 decision.  At 184 lbs Dom Ducharme, CSUB would break the string of wins from Duke with a pin at the 2:39 mark in the first period over Kaden Russell, Duke. This would give Duke an 18 – 6 lead after 5 matches. The next three matches would go back and forth with the decision wins for each team bringing the team score to Duke 22 – CSUB 13. Josh Finesilver at 133 lbs would win 8 – 4 to make it a sweep for the Finesilver brothers going 4 – 0 on the dual.. The final match of the dual was a win by CSU Bakersfield to bring the team score to 25 – 17 Duke.  

Match Results:

149 – Brandon Leynaud (Duke) fall Kalani Tonge (CSUB), 2:53 – Duke 6, CSUB 0

157 – No. 11 Mitch Finesilver (Duke) dec. No. 17 Coleman Hammod (CSUB), 11-5 – Duke 9, CSUB 0

165 – Zach Finesilver (Duke) fall Lorenzo De La Riva (CSUB), 4:52 – Duke 15, CSUB 0

174 – Matt Finesilver (Duke) dec. Bryan Battisto (CSUB), 8-2 – Duke 18, CSUB 0

184 – Dom Ducharme (CSUB) fall Kaden Russell (Duke), 2:39 – Duke 18, CSUB 6

197 – No. 14 Matt Williams (CSUB) dec. Alec Schenk (Duke), 5-4 – Duke 18, CSUB 9

285 – No. 5 Jacob Kasper (Duke) major dec. Mark Penyascek (CSUB), 10-1 – Duke 22, CSUB 9

125 – Sergio Mendez (CSUB) major dec. Thayer Atkins (Duke), 8-0, Duke 22, CSUB 13

133 – Josh Finesilver (Duke) dec. Sean Nickell (CSUB), 8-4, Duke 25, CSUB 13

141 – Russell Rohlfing (CSUB) major dec. Jeremiah Reitz (CSUB), 12-2, Duke 25, CSUB 17


Dual two for Duke versus host Northern Colorado

By Tom Blair, ICW Staff

The second dual of the day in the tri-meet pitted Duke against host Northern Colorado. The dual would once again start at 149 lbs with Jimmy Fate, UNC earning a 12 – 1 decision over Brandon Leynaud, Duke. Fate looked a lot better on his feet and scored 4 takedowns during the match. Three of the Finesilver brothers were up next at 157, 165 and 174 pounds. Both Mitch (157 lbs) and Matt (174 lbs) would come away with decisions, while Zach (165 lbs) was caught in a cement mixer move by # 19 ranked Keilan Torres, UNC in the second round and pinned at the 3:43 mark. The match was going Zach’s way as he countered 2 throws earlier in the first round. Dylan Gabel, UNC would major Kaden Russell 12 – 0. So at halftime the team score was UNC 14 – Duke 6.

Duke would win the next four matches to take the lead 19 – 14. Missing from the lineup was Jacob Seeley at 197 lbs do to injury that will keep him out of action till early Feb. The 133 lb match a tight battle between Josh Finesilver and Rico Montoya. Montoya would gain the advantage in neutral with 3 takedowns but Finesilver was able to counter with escapes and a reverse to earn a 7 – 6 decision.

Coming down the final match of the dual at 141 lbs with UNC needing a pin to win. Ben Polkowske (UNC) major decision. Jeremiah Reitz (Duke), 14-4 to gain only 4 team point and come up short. The final score UNC 18 – Duke 19.

Coach Troy Nickerson “thought we could win  the dual – we match up equally” and the fact Duke had not won a dual yet this season.

Duke 19, Northern Colorado 18

149 – Jimmy Fate (UNC) major dec. Brandon Leynaud (Duke), 12-1, UNC 4, Duke 0

157 – No. 11 Mitch Finesilver (Duke) dec. Tyler Kinn (UNC), 8-2, UNC 4, Duke 3

165 – No. 19 Keilan Torres (UNC) fall Zach Finesilver (Duke), 3:43, UNC 10, Duke 3

174 – Matt Finesilver (Duke) dec. Seth Bogulski (UNC), 6-1, UNC 10, Duke 6

184 – Dylan Gabel (UNC) major dec. Kaden Russell (Duke), 12-0, UNC 14, Duke 6

197 – Alec Schenk (Duke) dec. Tanner Davis (UNC), 7-5, UNC 14, Duke 9

285 – No. 5 Jacob Kasper (Duke) dec. Robert Winters (UNC), 12-2, UNC 14, Duke 13

125 – Thayer Atkins (Duke) dec. Sean Cannon (UNC), 9-5, UNC 14, Duke 16

133 – Josh Finesilver (Duke) dec. Rico Montoya (UNC), 7-6, UNC 14, Duke 19

141 – Ben Polkowske (UNC) major dec. Jeremiah Reitz (Duke), 14-4, UNC 18, Duke 19

Dual three of the tri-meet Northern Colorado vs CSU Bakerfield

By Tom Blair, ICW Staff

The dual would start at 149 lbs with Jimmy Fate, UNC taking a 4 -0 decision over Kalani Tonge, CSUB. At 157 lbs Coleman Hammond, CSUB would take control of the match after Tyler Kinn, UNC opened the first period with a takedown, the final score was 16 – 4. The 165 lbs match saw the two wrestlers battle it out to a draw after three rounds, Keilan Torres,UNC would get the takedown in sudden victory to earn a 6 – 4 win. Bryan Battisto, CSUB would gain the upper hand at 174 lbs over Seth Bogulski, UNC and earn an easy victory with a 15 – 5 score.

Dylan Gabel, UNC would be one of the right spot in the duals as he scored points in the first and second rounds to earn a 9 – 4 decision over Dom Ducharme, CSUB. This would bring the team score to UNC 9 – CSUB 11 at the break. The next two matches would see the teams trade decisions and keep the lead in the Roadrunners favor. The 285 lbs match ended in a tie after three rounds and went into overtime with Robert Winters, UNC getting a takedown to earn the win. The last three matches were won by CSU Bakersfield by decision to give the dual to the Roadrunners 22 – 12 . Dropping the Bears record to 1-4 in duals this season and improving the Roadrunners to 3-6 on the season.

Coach Troy Nickerson said “We wrestled uninspired, no heart no desire. Bakersfield is a good top team and we knew that. We work on getting out of legs every day in practice room, at some point you just have to connect. I trust my coaches are showing them what they need to know, but there just needs to be a little more effort put in. We need bonus points from some our seniors, some of those guys have to step up.”

Northern Colorado will stay at home and host Cal Poly in another dual at Bank of Colorado Arena on Friday, January 19th.

CSUB-22   Northern Colorado-12
125: Sergio Mendez (CSUB) def. Michael Johnson (UNC), 9-3
133: Sean Nickell (CSUB) def. Rico Montoya (UNC), 13-4
141: Russell Rohlfing (CSUB) def. Benjamin Polkowske (UNC), 11-1
149: Jimmy Fate (UNC) def. Kalani Tonge (CSUB), 4-0
157: Coleman Hammond (CSUB) def. Tyler Kinn (UNC), 16-4
165: Keilan Torres (UNC) def. Jacob Thalin (CSUB, 6-4 (SV-1)
174: Bryan Battisto (CSUB) def. Seth Bogulski (UNC), 15-5
184: Dylan Gabel (UNC) def. Dom Ducharme (CSUB), 9-4
197: Matt Williams (CSUB) def. Tanner Davis (UNC), 6-2
285: Robert Winters (UNC) def. Dominic Balmer (CSUB), 1-3 (SV-1)