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Colorado wrestling this past weekend - Oct 28th & 29th

01 Nov 2017

By Tom Blair - ICW Staff

This past weekend was busy with instate tournament and two national tournaments. Instate youth tournaments were the CSU Halloween and the Peak 2 Peak tournament in Elizabeth.  The national tournaments were the Super 32 and the USAW Preseason Nationals. Also included in the events in Colorado was the 24th CSM Halloween Open on Saturday Oct. 28th.

The Elizabeth Cardinal Craze held at the Elizabeth HS was part of the Peak2Peak  league event schedule which 190 wrestlers attended on Saturday Oct. 28th. The divisions for this event were 4 Under, 6 Under, 8 Under, 10 Under, 12 Under and 14 Under, with the heaviest division being the 10 Under. Results can be found on trackwrestling.com.

The CSU Halloween Youth Tournament was held at CSU in Ft. Collins on Sunday Oct. 29th. The five divisions (6 Under, 8 Under, 10 Under, 12 Under and 14 under) wrestled on three mats. The 123 wrestlers were treated with the college wrestlers dressed in Halloween costumes as refs for the day. Results can be found on trackwrestling.com

The 24th Annual Halloween Open was held at CSM in Golden at the Steinhauer Fieldhouse on Saturday Oct. 28th for high school wrestlers. Wrestlers in the eighth grade were allowed to enter the 8/9/10 grade division, the second division was the 11 / 12 grades. Wrestling started at 10 am with the matches times being 2-1-1 minutes in the championship side of the bracket and 1-1-1 minutes in the consi side of the bracket. There were 14 weight classes for each of the divisions, high school weights plus 98lbs and no 285 lbs. Results for this event:  

24th Annual Halloween Open- Top 3 place winners (112 participants)


1st- Dylan Kruse

2nd- Caleb Kwoll

3rd- Raymond Romero


1st- Michael Atencio

2nd- Phoenix Harris

3rd- Alec Beltran


1st- Jacob McClaskey

2nd- Marcus Miramotes

3rd- Micah Duran


1st- Zach Cisneros

2nd- Joseph Enockson

3rd- Louis Torres


1st- Antonio Segura

2nd- David Gardner

3rd- John Ingram


1st- Andrez Martinez

2nd- Brandon Urroz

3rd- Antonio Segura


1st- Antonio Segura

2nd- John Summer

3rd- Jacob Kiefer


1st- Dylan Yancey

2nd- Ben Heckenkamp

3rd- Benjamin Kendall


1st- Cameron Klein

2nd- Jeremiah Williams

3rd- Tanner Baumgartner


1st- KJ Kearns

2nd- Angelo Vecchiarelli

3rd- David Rivera


1st- Haydend Crosson

2nd- Brock Greenberg

3rd- Josh Moler


1st- Hunter Planansky

2nd- Cody DiBois

3rd- Sarah Sams


1st- Preston Whyte

2nd- Austin Andrew

3rd- Larry Wigil


1st- Logan Gentzler

2nd- Brandon Gustasson

3rd- Micah Sterling


1st- Keegan Bailey

2nd- Jovohn Crespin

3rd- Adam Church


1st- Osman Yigit Topuz

2nd- Thomas Cherrington

3rd- Ahmed Khattab

 The USAW Preseason National held at University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, Iowa. The event was well attend with over 2245 wrestlers representing over 400 club / teams in the four divisions – Grade School, Middle School, High School Boys, Girls Division (Kids, Schoolgirl, Cadet / Junior). Colorado club teams of Bear Cave, Grit Athletics, Betterman Elite, Top Notch Wrestling, Mile High Wrestling, SOT, Duran Elite, Adams City Eagles, Olympian Wrestling and Pikes Peak Wrestling were all represented in this event.  Brackets and full results can be found at trackwrestling.com. The high school girl division had 45 wrestlers in the 10 weight classes wrestled. The boys high school division had the most wrestlers with 665 wrestlers in the 9 & 10 grade brackets (100 thru 285 – 15 brackets) and 707 wrestlers in the 11 & 12 grade brackets (standard high school 14 weight classes). Colorado only had a few wrestlers take the top honors of first place – in the middle school division -  Morgan Johnson, Mile High ; Kobi Johnson, Mile High and in the high school 9 & 10 grade – Miles Beam, Bear Cave.

Placement results:

 Grades 1 and 2 larger - 60
 4th Place - Landen Lage of SOT Academy

Grades 3-4 32 and Larger - 50
 4th Place - Alex Rodriguez of SOT Academy

Grades 3-4 32 and Larger - 60
 6th Place - Deven Lopez of Duran Elite
7th Place - Josiah Boyden of Betterman Elite
Grade School 3 & 4 -  90 - 2nd Place - Evan Perez of Bear Cave

Grades5-6 and Larger - 70
 2nd Place - Derek Barrows of Bear Cave

 Middle School 32 and Larger - 70
1st Place - Morgan Johnson of Mile High Wrestling Club
 Middle School 32 and Larger - 77
1st Place - Kobi Johnson of Mile High Wrestling Club
 Middle School 32 and Larger - 98
 3rd Place - roberto estrada of Bear Cave
  H igh School Girls - 105
 4th Place - Estrella Dorado Marin of Betterman Elite
 High School Girls - 112
 4th Place - Adriana Dorado Marin of Betterman Elite

 High School (9th - 10th Grade) - 126
 4th Place - Eddie Homrock of Brighton
 High School (9th - 10th Grade) - 152
1st Place - Miles Beam of GRIT Athletics Wrestling Club
2nd Place - Cody Eaton of Bear Cave

High School (9th - 10th Grade) - 160
 7th Place - Chase Engelhardt of Thompson Valley High School

High School (9th - 10th Grade) - 285
 8th Place - kyle good of Betterman Elite

High School (11th & 12th Grade) – 106

8th place - Dylan McChesney, Mile High Wrestling Club

High School (11th - 12th Grade) - 120
 4th Place - Josh Nira of Bear Cave Wrestling Club

High School (11th - 12th Grade) - 182
 4th Place - Christian Rowell of Adams City Eagles

High School (11th - 12th Grade) - 220
 2nd Place - Matthew Dunkelman of Thompson Valley

 The Super 32 Challenge was held this past weekend Oct 28th & 29th at the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina. The tournament featuring more than 1,600 high school wrestlers from 43 states and Canada, 750 middle school and elementary wrestlers from 34 states and Canada and a new girl’s division with 140 wrestlers from 21 states and Canada. The high school field includes 127 of FloWrestling.org’s nationally ranked wrestlers. To show the depth of talent in this year's field, over 200 wrestlers won a state-level tournament title at the end of the 2016-17 high school season.

Colorado wrestling was well represented at this high-stake preseason tournament with two high school girl wrestlers, nine middle school wrestlers, two elementary wrestlers and 33 high school wrestlers.

The two girls wrestled freestyle and made the most out of the tournament with both girls placing in this event. Jezie Estrada finished with a 4 – 1 record and took home 3rd place while Kaden Campbell received a bye in her first round and then went 3 – 0 to take home the first-place belt and title at 130 lbs. Campbell was never scored upon in her three matches as she tech fall her opponents. Estrada would go 1 – 1 in the championship side of the bracket and then went 3 -0 on the consi / backside of the bracket with three decisions.

The two elementary entries from Colorado had a combine record of 5 – 4, with Ignacio Villasenor going 4 – 2 to take home 5th in the 55 lb weight class.

The middle school wrestlers representing Colorado had three out of nine wrestlers placed. Making the finals were Bryce Garcia at 180 lbs and Daniel Cardenas at 105 lbs. The third wrestler making the podium in 8th place was Lain Yapoujian at 95 lbs. Cardenas would go 5 -0 with finals win and all his wins were by decisions.

The high school division which was the toughest part of the tournament from just a stand point of the numbers of entries. Taking 33 wrestlers from Colorado to face the challenge of the nation’s best was what happen. Colorado was missing some of the top tier wrestlers in Cohlton Schultz, Jacob Greewood, Tate Samuelson, Malik Heinselman, Patrick Allis, Dominic Serrano and Will Vombaur, plus girl’s wrestler Angel Rios; just to name a few that missed this tournament. Finishing the Super 32 with only 2 place winners is a hard pill to shallow but the wrestlers from Colorado still had a good tournament as the record of 83 – 66 for the 33 wrestlers is still above .550 percental. Placing in 4th place at 132 lbs with a 9 – 2 record was Andrew Alirez and in 7th place with a record of 7 – 2 at 152 lbs was Gabriel Dinnette.

 Tournament Placement:

Elementary 11 & Under 55 lbs –  5th place Ignacio Villasenor

Middle School 95 lbs – 8th place Lain Yapoujian

Middle School 105 lbs – 1st place Daniel Cardenas

Middle School 180 lbs – 2nd place Bryce Garcia

Girls HS 130 lbs – 1st place Kaden Campbell

Girls HS 148 lbs – 3rd place Jezie Estrada

High School 132 lbs – 4th place Adrew Alirez

High School 152 lbs – 7th place Gabriel Dinette