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07 Feb 2017

By Melanie Johnson ICW Staff

The JV State Invitational was held at Northglenn H.S. A two day tournament that was host to 604 wrestlers, add the 56 girls in the Girls State Championships, and you have almost 700 wrestlers that hit the mats in a two day period. The JV tournament has been held at Northglenn H.S. for the last 14 yrs. and it’s definitely seen some changes through its course. The competition has gotten much tougher and the tournament has grown in numbers. Several of the Coaches felt there were more varsity wrestlers attending and the number of talented incoming freshman has really grown this year. With that being said, it was a perfect opportunity to talk with a few coaches about the recent topic of discussion being tossed around regarding teams being able to take two wrestlers per weights to regionals to qualify for State. The majority that I spoke with, who wish to remain anonymous had mixed feelings about the idea.

As one coach put it, “We’re a small team and I don’t have 2 deep in the room at a lot of weights that I think are really ready to wrestle at the regional tournament and if someone else is sending 2 wrestlers from the same team, it minimizes the chance for my wrestler or anybody else with a smaller team to try and qualify for State”. Another Coach was all about the idea of taking two wrestlers to regionals. His thoughts “I have quite a few in my program who are wrestling off and some losing by one maybe two points, even going back and forth between JV and Varsity until we stop wrestle offs. It’s a struggle to keep some of the kids that don’t get a chance to go to regionals, especially if they have wrestled Varsity during the season and they are showing they are just as good as the kid that’s actually going”. “You want competitive kids in the room, they make each other better but for one wrestler there is no pay off for all their hard work”. He said he brought 3 wrestlers to the JV tourney, all 3 had actually made the varsity line up this year but didn’t make the final cut to go to regionals. He thought they were getting some pretty good competition at the JV tourney, so he felt like they were ending their season on the positive side.

There is definitely some conversation taking place on both sides of the discussion, but it remains to be seen if anyone can put together a solution that would satisfy everyone’s needs and concerns. Regardless, any changes that would be made would have to come from CHSAA and at this point it is uncertain if they are even entertaining the idea. Congrats to Northglenn H.S. for running a great JV tournament. The table help, both mat side and the head tables, they all did a great job running this tournament. I would like to personally add, you had some of the most positive and helpful people I have come in contact with all season. It was a little tight in the gyms with the added Girls State Championships but Head Coach Brian Hufford felt they pulled it off with little to no problems. Asst. Coach Eubaldo Lovato felt the only changes in the future, would be moving the girls tourney as it continues to grow, he didn’t feel there be enough room at Northglenn to hold both tournaments if the numbers kept going up. It was definitely a packed house filled with great competition in all weight classes .Coach Hufford was more than happy to pass the credit to Coach Lovato and Coach Ed Matthew’s for running a smooth tournament and being the backbone of its success. Congrats to all the JV wrestlers, you had a great tournament and for those of you who have finished your season, we look forward to seeing you next year and can’t wait to share in your future accomplishments. Final Results posted below: 

96 Results
1st Place - Dylan Mcchesney of Northglenn
2nd Place - Lance Johnson of Rocky Mountain
3rd Place - Skyler Hunt of Lewis Palmer
4th Place - Brady Parker of Windsor
5th Place - Jack Garza of Ponderosa
6th Place - Lee Bullock of Eagle Valley
7th Place - Andrew Chilton of Cherokee Trail
8th Place - Colton Thompson of Loveland

106 Results
1st Place - Emiliano Sanchez of Brighton
2nd Place - Walker Hekkendorf of Poudre
3rd Place - Darwin Cortes of Rocky Mountain
4th Place - Alec Beltron of Horizon
5th Place - Juan Montoya of Northglenn
6th Place - Colton Williams of Berthoud
7th Place - Darian Howard of Legacy
8th Place - Drew Warner of Douglas County

113 Results
1st Place - Ronny Minjarez of Windsor
2nd Place - Gage Juergensen of Thompson Valley
3rd Place - Ryder Bossow of Eagle Valley
4th Place - Lt Torres of Berthoud
5th Place - Alex Almanza of Legacy
6th Place - Derek Johnson of Brighton
7th Place - Billy Hudson III of Pine Creek
8th Place - D`lon Ornelas of Grandview

120 Results
1st Place - Brennan Todd of Windsor
2nd Place - Raymond Johnson of Grandview
3rd Place - Justin Mccoy of Brighton
4th Place - Isaiah Sisneros of Grandview
5th Place - Kaeden Rasmussen of Legacy
6th Place - Roman Calazdo of Vista Peak
7th Place - Blaine Kallsen of Platte Valley
8th Place - Sebastian Hernandez of Thornton

126 Results
1st Place - Dylan Wood of Windsor
2nd Place - Jake Kroll of Brighton
3rd Place - Lucas Hefner of Rocky Mountain
4th Place - Aj Von colln of Legacy
5th Place - Kevin Luker of Legacy
6th Place - Don thanh Nguyen of Grandview
7th Place - Colin Leypoldt of Berthoud
8th Place - Aaron Allee of Thompson Valley

132 Results
1st Place - Zachary Leal of Poudre
2nd Place - Roger Meyer of Mountain Vista Hs
3rd Place - Landon Suter of Pine Creek
4th Place - Zach Pierson of Cherokee Trail
5th Place - Eric Evertz of Erie
6th Place - Jonathan Meyers of Adams City
7th Place - Kyle Conlon of Berthoud
8th Place - Brandon Hansen of Legacy

138 Results
1st Place - Trevor Maus of Grandview
2nd Place - Braden Martin of Brighton
3rd Place - Brock Leypoldt of Berthoud
4th Place - Thor Bourgeois of Pomona
5th Place - Drew Shively of Regis Jesuit
6th Place - Ryu Sullivan of Legacy
7th Place - Dane Abeyta of Grandview
8th Place - Byron Staynings of Monarch

145 Results
1st Place - Hunter Pape of Monarch
2nd Place - Josh Willis of Windsor
3rd Place - Rodrigo Perez of Greeley West
4th Place - Troy Drake of Brighton
5th Place - Neil David of Rocky Mountain
6th Place - JJ Boimah of Cherokee Trail
7th Place - Grady Funk of Legacy
8th Place - Aaron Reah of Horizon

152 Results
1st Place - Cedric Culhane of Rocky Mountain
2nd Place - Antonio Welch-soto of Broomfield
3rd Place - Alonzo Leal of Poudre
4th Place - Tyler Grasmick of Windsor
5th Place - Marco Padilla of Adams City
6th Place - Jordan Price of Lakewood
7th Place - Zachery Vannaman of Pine Creek
8th Place - Jason Bynarowicz of Legacy

160 Results
1st Place - Julian Williams of Cherokee Trail
2nd Place - Niko Suazo of Adams City
3rd Place - Chris O`connell of Poudre
4th Place - Coleton Riggs of Rocky Mountain
5th Place - Michael Boyle of Grandview
6th Place - John Bueno of Fort Collins
7th Place - Collin Richie of Rocky Mountain
8th Place - Jared Field of Pine Creek

170 Results
1st Place - Hugo Castillo of Greeley West
2nd Place - Lucas Balbuena of Rocky Mountain
3rd Place - Jacob Macaluso of Mead
4th Place - Josh Cortez of Poudre
5th Place - Dennis Sifford of Pine Creek
6th Place - Ryan Carbaugh of Grandview
7th Place - Caleb Burton of Thompson Valley
8th Place - Sean Judkins of Pomona

182 Results
1st Place - Branden Rivera of Poudre
2nd Place - Logan Rioch of Pomona
3rd Place - Sean Salak of Cherokee Trail
4th Place - Brodie Lavene of Grandview
5th Place - Jadon Flores of Fairview
6th Place - Leo Linares of Rocky Mountain
7th Place - Harlan Archuleta of Poudre
8th Place - Sam Tufts of Grandview

195 Results
1st Place - Ken Gonzales of Legacy
2nd Place - Diego Velasquez of Smoky Hill
3rd Place - Brock Howard of Cherokee Trail
4th Place - Jesus Encinas of Mead
5th Place - Oscar Palacous of Rocky Mountain
6th Place - Traycee Norman of Grandview
7th Place - Omar Amin of Legacy
8th Place - Logan Mcpartland of Lewis Palmer

220 Results
1st Place - Santana Solano of Brighton
2nd Place - John Perez of Prairie View
3rd Place - Tyler Carpenter of Broomfield
4th Place - Donaven Palacio of Northglenn
5th Place - Joseph Martinez of Northglenn
6th Place - Ian Kline of Douglas County
7th Place - Jayden Wertz of Platte Valley
8th Place - Daniel Angelas of Smoky Hill

285 Results
1st Place - Brandon Hodge of Pomona
2nd Place - Ian Gilbert of Legacy
3rd Place - Michael DeCamillis of Broomfield
4th Place - Keegan Rocha of Poudre
5th Place - Brock Boyd of Pomona
6th Place - Cody Zayonc of Mountain Vista Hs
7th Place - Nathan Dooley of Mountain Range
8th Place - Colin Luscombe of Legacy